Our Commitment

‘‘Building a better future with HDPE Manlapene™ building materials’’


To Our Clients

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We ensure that our product Quality is given the top priority as well as being flexible and responsive to cater to clients’ Needs and Expections.

With On Time Delivery and constantly evolving R&D to remain at the technological fore front of our product we always seek to keep the customer satisfaction high.


To Our Employees

We believe in a healthy work environment, everyone to be treated Fair and with Equal Rights regardless of background or ethnicity.

We emphasize on training to improve, upgrade the product knowledge and technical skills of the work force.


To Our Community

Much like a ripple effect, our HDPE Manlapene™ building materials bring joy and a safe playing environment to many children around the world; provide custom solutions for the architects and the engineers of the world, provide a more hygienic environment especially when it concerns food areas and hospitals.

HDPE Manlapene™ is what allows for a safe, eco-friendly, easy to work with, hygienic and long lasting material that will provide tons of benefits to those who directly and indirectly use it.

To The Environment

Our environmental policy stipulates we do everything in our power to positively impact the environment

  • Our product is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • We minimalize our wastage and raw materials to reduce waste.
  • We eliminate all forms of pollution that may harm the environment.
  • We ensure our key employees are trained properly to carry out their environmental duties and that the environmental policy is communicated to all employees and stakeholders.
  • On a regular basis we review our environmental performance to ensure continuous improvement.

“DSP Malaysia Sdn Bhd cares for the environment”